Extraordinary Living — From the Inside Out



My approach to coaching is “Transformational”.  Most life coaching processes help to move a person from where they are (point A) to where they want to go (point B).  It’s very ‘horizontal’.  And, make no mistake, that’s helpful.  It’s just short sighted.

So, imagine instead a ‘vertical’ shift.  By this, I mean a global transformation in how you experience and interact in the world.  A shift that then doesn’t just help you in going from A to B, but applies in all areas of your life.  Got it?  That’s what I provide my clients.

You can give a woman a fish and she can eat for a day, or you can teach a woman to fish and she can eat for a lifetime.

How It Works 

I help you gain a deep understanding of how your unique ‘inside world’ works and how it’s impacting your life.  In other words, we explore how your beliefs and thoughts impact your outside world and your level of happiness.  This awareness and new understanding alone is a dramatic shift for most clients.

Next, we take powerful steps through simple techniques, to align your inside world with creating an extraordinary outside world.

These concepts apply to EVERY area of your life in EVERY moment, not just the goal you’re focused on.  You begin to transform how the way you move through life.  


I’ve studied directly under Byron Katie.  Currently I’m pursuing a multi-year certification from The Institute for The Work with Byron Katie.  I’ve been trained by Zen Master Genpo Roshi.  I’ve received advanced skills training in Emotional Freedom Technique as well as ‘Inside Out Living’ (with Michael Neill).  I’ve studied Affirmations with Louise Hay, the teachings of Wayne Dyer, and completed trainings in Energy, Intuition, the Law of Attraction, Living in the Moment and much more.

I’m also a Certified Professional Life and Career Coach from an IFC accredited program (The Life Purpose Institute).  I’ve spent days in silence, and weeks purely dedicated to Living in the Moment.  In addition to my Masters in Business (MBA) from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, my corporate marketing and dot com leadership roles, I’ve also spent years as a top real estate agent in the heart of Atlanta.  I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours (& tens of thousands of dollars) in self empowerment training. 

I’m passionate about helping others see how absolutely easy and lovely life is.  

My Past Life

By the age of nine I knew with 100% certainty my main goal in life was to be happy.   It was a conscious, written, well thought out plan.   Or so it seemed at the time…

By 15 I had created a lot of “stories” & rules about life in my head.  One of my many “facts” was the way to happiness (and out of fear and upset) was through money & independence.  Get smart.  Work hard.  Make money. Then I’ll be safe and secure… and Happy.  Right?!

By 28, I was what most considered well trained, hard working, independent, and successful.  I was also shockingly miserable.  I had earned my Masters in Business from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  I was a business consultant to Fortune 500 companies; I flew across the US and told people what to do and I made good money doing it.  Then came a bad relationship + an overwhelming inner critic + an extreme dislike of business clothes + a near depression.  Oh My!  It turned out money didn’t equal happiness for me.   And many, many of my assumptions about life Simply. Were. Not. True.  I was lost, and downright scared. 

Eventually, and thankfully, I realized I had to start over.  Completely over.  I began consuming all things personal development and human nature related.  I left my corporate job and jumped into a start up firm in strategy and marketing.  Eventually my feet became solid enough under me that I left ‘corporate’America, and dove into residential real estate.  

I loved those times: Scary, exciting, scary, growing, tough, fun.  My second year in real estate, I was declared the number 2 agent in my firm and a top producer in the city (thanks to my business background and my new found mindset!).  I continued to be a top agent, and yet, in the background of my busy days I could hear the whispers of change coming. 

Today, I merge all of my experiences  –  I’m a passionate women’s life coach, a mindset coach, and self-proclaimed Agent of Joy.  

I also have an Amazing relationship with my loving life partner, Jim.  We spend 4 months each year living, surfing, and working in Costa Rica.  Outside of coaching I continue soaking up human potential and all things health related.  I also love working out my body, pulling out my paints, and tapping into my highest self.    

Connect with Me 

Reach out anytime.  

Email:  Laura@LauraTracy.com

Phone:  404-213-3479

Coaching sessions are all on Skype, uness you’re in Atlanta (or Costa Rica).