Extraordinary Living — From the Inside Out


I simply don’t believe that asking questions & inspirational quotes are enough to spark True Freedom and Joy.   

I do believe that skillfully combining tools and techniques and experiencing success leads to real results. 

Here’s the scoop:   If you haven’t already achieved your goals on your own you have internal road blocks holding you back. Period.  Something is yelling ‘Resist!’ in you.  (Not to worry, we all have this in varying degrees).  The trick here is to uncover and release what’s holding you back, and create a fabulous path forward.   And No, this is not therapy! Therapy looks at the past and ‘why’;  We’ll look at where you are now and how to propel you to where you want to be.  We only visit the past in order to release the energy trapped in the feelings associated with previous limiting beliefs, patterns, and experiences.  We don’t visit the past to analyze or dissect.   

My coaching approach uses a unique blend of powerful and practical tools and techniques to start moving you swiftly through your blocks and into a life you love.  I’ve attended countless self improvement courses and studied under masters in the field of personal development.  My intention is to teach you how to become the master of your Freedom Zone. 

My power tools:

> The Nature of the Mind and the nature of our Human Experience.

Understanding how and why our thoughts are what they are is important, and the awareness of how thoughts create our life is critical.  In our work you’ll see exactly how and when your beliefs and thoughts are keeping you from where you want to be — and what that means for change.

 >  Emotional Freedom Technique (‘EFT’, also known as ‘tapping’)

EFT fuses modern Western science with the ancient Eastern concept of meridian points.  ’Tapping’ unblocks energetic points on your body and creates fast and lasting changes in the way you think, act and manifest.  It’s incredibly simple, and yet, skillful application is important.  During our sessions, blocked energy is liberated, and clients feel the power to create gracefully and easily.  I absolutely love EFT for releasing old patterns and feeling easily!

 >  The Work of Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the anger, fear, upset, and depression in the world.  When you experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts through The Work, you allow your mind to return to its peaceful and creative nature.  Choices become clearer and actions become easier.

 >  Energy Alignment / Affirmations

Emotions, thoughts, and even individual words, songs, and movies have energetic frequencies — from high to low.  Well look at what you’re aligning yourself with: high energy to attract and create high energy results or low energy and low results.

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